I'll Stay Until The Wind Changes.
Hello, I'm Mary Poppins. Practically Perfect in Every Way.

Both prim and proper and never too stern Well-educated yet willing to learn I’m clean and honest, my manner refined And I wear shoes of the sensible kind! Uncanny nannies are hard to find Unique, yet meek, unspeakably kind I suffer no nonsense and whilst I remain There’s nothing else I feel I need explain

M!A Status: None



It was one of those feelings that she had. It started out as an itch, and then the winds picked up. Mary knew that this particular Tuesday was to be her last Tuesday in the city of New York. Of course, she had grown to care about the children she was with, that part was inevitable, but she couldn’t let that get in her way. Not this time. Mary Poppins was almost entirely sure that her next location would be in London. London was a place Mary had missed very much in the past few months. 

This was why Mary Poppins was walking down the busy streets and peering into the small shops. She was in need of a new skirt, one of her old ones was beginning to show signs that it would need replacing. She found a small boutique that looked as if it might have what she needed. Mary pulled herself inside and looked around. She also managed to not catch the name of the shop. 

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